OUR VIEW: A little kindness goes a long way during heavy travel

Published 9:30 am Friday, December 24, 2021

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We wrote last week about the travel involved around Christmas time, but we thought it might be important to once again express patience as people hit the roadways today for Christmas.

AAA estimates that more than 109 million Americans are expected to travel more than 50 miles this Christmas holiday, including triple the airport traffic when compared to last year.

Whether it’s in a car or by plane, everyone wants to get to their holiday destination safely. Everyone wants to be there to hug their families on Christmas (or the days after) and to celebrate together.

Therefore, it’s important to keep that in mind on the roads. Don’t leave late and then drive 100 miles per hour trying to make up for lost time. If you do, you’re putting yourself, your family and others in danger, and you’re likely to get a ticket.

Make a plan. Leave on time.

Drive the speed limit and share the road.

If you’re heading to the airport, understand that everyone needs to get through security. Everyone is trying to find their terminal. Everyone needs to get where they are going.

It’s the holidays. Technically, we’re all supposed to be on our best behavior.

Let someone with their blinker on get over. Let someone with their hands full and little kids jump in front of you at the airport. A little kindness goes a long way, and it’s usually returned to you when you most need it.