OUR VIEW: Good luck to new Hogansville council members, mayor

Published 9:30 am Friday, January 7, 2022

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Three new elected officials were sworn in on Hogansville on Monday night.

New Mayor Jake Ayers took office, as did council members Matthew Morgan and Michael Taylor. We’ve written before that this is a time of a lot of change in Hogansville, if you consider that every seat on the council and the mayor’s seat has changed hands in the last two years.

That’d be a lot of change anywhere, and it’s certainly a lot in Hogansville.

Considering some of the projects going on in Hogansville, including the Royal Theatre renovation and the anticipated growth from new housing and development, the new leaders will need to become comfortable in their positions quickly.

We wish them all luck as they work to get up to speed and understand all that’s required to run a city and make tough decisions. We’re looking forward to working with all of them and discussing opportunities and issues that come up in Hogansville.

We also thank the outgoing council members and Mayor Bill Stankiewicz for their time serving the community. 

Being a public official is often a thankless job, one that requires thick skin and the ability to take criticism — even for situations where you have very little, if any, control. 

With that in mind, we thank Stankiewicz, Reginald Jackson and Marichal Price for their time serving the citizens of Hogansville.

With all the change, we’re excited to see where Hogansville is going over the next few years.