OUR VIEW: Paying it forward

Published 10:30 am Friday, January 21, 2022

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Paying it forward is defined simply as when someone does something for you. Instead of paying that person back, you pass it on to another person instead.

The concept of paying it forward is most likely found at the drive thru. As you pull up to pay for your order, the person taking payments informs you that the vehicle ahead of you paid for your order and asks if you would like to do the same for the person behind you.

However, that is not always the case.

On Saturday, our sister newspaper in Valley published a story about Valley Walmart employee Casonja Lewis, who recently helped an elderly customer by purchasing his groceries.

Recently a customer was standing in line behind a service desk when she noticed an elderly man in a wheelchair having a hard time getting his card to work.

Lewis told the man, ‘I got this,’ and paid for his groceries.

Turns out that had not been the first time Lewis performed this act of kindness that day, she had done that numerous times.

That’s not all.

Lewis said she tries to be generous outside of work, as well, especially because she knows what it’s like to need something and not be able to get it. Her current job is the first one she got after being homeless.

“I was living out of my car at one point,” she said. “I ended up having to move into my brother’s basement, me and my three kids. So, to go from there to being here, you know what I mean? I’ve been blessed. So, if I can bless someone, I want to bless them.”

We find it admirable that Lewis, so close to getting back on her feet, found it in her heart to help someone else in an unfavorable situation. She could have turned a blind-eye to the situation — like so many others do — and let these people continue with their struggle.

In a time where people’s views and opinions clash to a level of hate and vitriol, we could use more people who demonstrate the same level of compassion as Lewis has.

We applaud Lewis for her generosity and hope she continues to pay it forward whenever she can and that her actions have inspired many others to do the same.