OUR VIEW: Hate to see a local restaurant close its doors

Published 11:30 am Saturday, January 22, 2022

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It’s tough anytime a downtown business closes, especially a restaurant.

Unfortunately, that’s the case for CheesyMac Deli, which opened last spring on Bull Street. The eaterie’s menu was creative and simple — sandwiches and mac and cheese.

Not only do the two go well together, it’s also a menu that allows almost anyone to find something they like to eat.

This is a city that loves restaurants, and typically is always wanting more to open. While there is a lack of chain restaurant offerings in LaGrange, we’ve always felt that the local options are what really set us apart.

With no offense to chain restaurants in general — which we all love — local restaurants provide something no one else has. Whether it’s a Charlie Joseph’s hot dog or the sauce at one of our local barbecue joints, it’s different. It’s not a menu you can go to any city within an hour and find.

Typically, nobody tells someone about the chain restaurant food they had in LaGrange. You might tell a story about how good a chain restaurant’s food is, but if there are hundreds of them out there, it’s easy to say to stop at one of them along the road.

Local restaurants are special occasions, hole-in-the-wall specials that add a little excitement. They are the ones you tell your friends to stop at if they are ever passing through.

And while Cheesy Mac hadn’t been around long, it was another local restaurant in a street full of local flavor.

The menu was one we’d never seen before. The location, we thought, was a good one.

We hate to hear that it’s closing, though there are still several weeks if anyone wants to stop by for a final sandwich or cup of mac and cheese. We hope you will.