Several road speed limits to be adjusted in LPD list

Published 8:34 am Friday, January 28, 2022

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Drivers in LaGrange will soon see some moderately adjusted speed limits on several roadways following the LaGrange Police Department’s submission of its annual radar permit list of roads.

Every two to three years, the list, which consists of hundreds of inner-city roads, must be submitted by the LPD to the Georgia Department of Transportation to reflect adjustments made to city roads, notably, but not limited to, speed limit changes. In cases where roads are shortened and do not require radar surveillance, they are removed from the list. The list is needed as part of radar permitting requirement for the LaGrange Police Department. The permit allows officers to run radar on state or city roadways, explained Lt. Marshall McCoy.

The LaGrange City Council will submit an ordinance in a later meeting road to finalize the changes for the city roads. Following the ordinance’s passing, the LPD will allow a 30-day grace period for drivers, McCoy said.

The biggest adjustments made on the list were made at Greenville St., Hills and Dales Farm Rd. and Tom Hall Pkwy.

Tom Hall Pkwy, which was recently completed, was added to the radar list with a 45 mph speed limit. An older section of the road, Old S. Davis Rd., which runs from state route 219 to Tom Hall Pkwy, was adjusted to 30 mph.

Hills and Dales Farm Road was also added to the list with a new speed zone of 40 miles per hour from 45 mph. This five-mile reduction was needed to reflect ongoing development and traffic on road, McCoy noted.

Greenville St. was rezoned 30 mph. Late last year, council voted to modify the speed limit on a portion of the street from 40 mph to 30 mph due to visibility issues caused by a bridge on the road.  The LPD elected to adjust the speed limit on the entirety of the street rather than the one section.

Other adjustments included removing the Whitesville Road School Zone and realignment of Bull St., as it now runs from state route 109 to Main St. Additionally, the school zone was removed from the Whitesville Road School.