OUR VIEW: Betty White Challenge impacted Troup Co.

Published 10:30 am Friday, January 28, 2022

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Throughout her entire life, Betty White was known to love animals. She was supportive of causes nonprofits regarding animals, including participating in fundraising efforts.

White’s death, just weeks from her 100th birthday, was shocking for all of us to hear. She was a longtime TV star, but the longevity of her career was always astounding. And truthfully, it probably made us feel a little younger inside. If Betty could work until she was 100, we could all do it.

So, when she died, many of her fans wanted to do something to honor her.

Given her love of animals, it made sense to give back to shelters and humane societies, and boy did they ever. It’s estimated that roughly $12.7 million was given in White’s honor, helping out furry friends all over the country.

That includes here in LaGrange, where thousands of dollars were raised.

We think that’s an incredible way to honor someone who brought so much into the lives of so many.

We also would say that while this cause was truly amazing, there are still so many needs that our local shelter and humane society have. Namely, they need people who want to adopt animals.

If you know of someone looking for a pet, please ask that they start at the animal shelter or humane society.

There are great dogs and cats there, many of whom just need a good home and a reset on life.