Camp Viola’s Dining Hall torn down; Principal Construction starts renovations

Published 9:00 am Friday, February 4, 2022

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Many Troup County natives were concerned when they learned that a building at Camp Viola was being torn down. For many who grew up going to the camp or volunteering, it was tough news to hear. However, the main building was deemed unfit after being used for such an extended period of time.

Leon Moody of Principle Construction said the structure needed to be torn down to make way for a new building.

“We’re tearing down a 90-year-old structure, a wooden structure that got to the point where it needed to be torn down. We’re building back a new structure that’s actually a little bit bigger. That’s suited more for the needs of Camp Viola at this time,” Moody said. “It’ll have three bedrooms instead of one bedroom. It will have new restrooms for men and women, a little bit larger kitchen and then the dining hall.”

Becky Grubbs, a representative for district four who works with the camp, said she hopes the children of Camp Viola know they will still be able to return to the camp when the time is right.

“They need to know that we will reveal a house there for them to come back to and have camp in,” Grubbs said.

Faye Benjamin, a board member for Camp Viola, said she has a favorite memory from the camp and that it happened recently.

“My favorite memory was coming back to summer after COVID. We had 30 random kids, and we just went out into the neighborhoods and gathered,” Benjamin said.

“They came out here and we just shared the love of Jesus with them and shared the gospel.”

Moody gave further insight on the plans for the new building and offered a way Troup County residents can help with the new building.

“The people that have gotten value from Camp Viola through experiences of being out here or people that realize the value of Camp Viola can donate through online, or they can mail a check to Camp Viola as well,” Moody said.