OUR VIEW: Government center roof project an important one

Published 9:30 am Saturday, February 5, 2022

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There were probably a lot of people in LaGrange and Troup County who woke up to a leaky roof on Friday, thanks to the buckets of rainwater that fell from the sky overnight.

Of course, the old saying is that if you don’t know you have a leak, just wait until it rains.

And boy, did it ever.

One of the most important structures in all of Troup County is currently dealing with the same types of issues. We’d guess there were some offices in the Troup County Government Center that woke up to leaks on Friday morning, as a known leak has continued to be an issue.

The Troup County Commission took action earlier this week to fix a leak into the third floor of the building.

In time, the entire roof will be replaced in a project already approved by the commission. Considering the important business that takes place at the government center on a daily basis, we’re glad the commission took action on the leak, and we’re glad to hear a new roof is coming soon. More importantly, we’re glad that roof will come with a 30-year warranty, which should prevent the county from having to make all of these costly repairs again for quite a while.