Callaway High School celebrate making the right choices with food truck

Published 12:00 pm Sunday, February 6, 2022

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As a reward for good behavior Friday, Callaway High School students were given the option to play games and eat food not on the traditional menu. CHS Principal Jason Graham said this event was a celebration for all of their students who are making the right choices in their school. The food truck is brand new to the school system and will be used for all schools.

“Today, we’re having a celebration for students who have done the right thing over the last month. We challenged our students at the beginning of January to be at school every day, show good behavior, make good decisions, get the class on time, wear your ID every single day and pass your classes.”

Assistant Superintendent Chip Medders explained what this means for the Troup County School System as a whole.

“The kids are getting ready to walk out here for the first day to see the food truck. ” Medders said. “This is going to be a first so I know they’re excited about it. I’m the first one to get to try  this shrimp po boy sandwich, so I’m excited about it.”

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Coach Shonna Yawn said she hopes the food truck incentives inspired her students.

“It is a rainy Friday, too. This right here really helped out on some of that. We get to bring the first ever food truck to them and let them have lunch and just give them a whole block to themselves,” Yawn said.

Kaylie Flores said it was great for the students to be able to come get food, but it was also good for the students who didn’t.

“It’s really good for us because the students that didn’t get to come here, it gives them more motivation to do good in school and to want to come and do these kinds of things,” Flores said. “We’re going to play the big Connect Four at the end of the gym and corn hole.”