TSW chosen as engineers for Lake Jimmy Jackson improvements project

Published 10:30 am Wednesday, February 9, 2022

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HOGANSVILLE — TSW, an Atlanta-based architect company, has been chosen as the architect firm for the second phase of the Lake Jimmy Jackson improvements project.

The Hogansville City Council agreed on the decision at its meeting Tuesday night.

The Lake Jimmy Jackson improvements project has been planned for several years and will include a series of renovations and improvements to the lake’s area to enhance and revitalize the space, as noted in the project’s description.

The project is currently broken down into four phases: the planning and discussion phase, the submission of a conception plan, the submission of construction renderings and the construction of the plans.

The list of planned improvements include the following:

  • Permanent signage (including interpretative, directional and grant acknowledgment)
  • A new kayak/canoe dock
  • A .5 acre playground with equipment
  • Border, mulch and access path between the playground and parking area
  • Four small fishing pavilions
  • A volleyball court and a 1,200-square foot, eight-inch path to the volleyball court
  • Landscape plantings at existing restroom building

TSW estimates that the project will take approximately four months to complete, though the construction phase could be pushed out more depending on the city’s schedule. The company is charging a total of $36,100 for its services. 

The city has been awarded a Land and Water Conservation Fund grant with the state DNR for $87,500 with a 100% match amount of $87,500 from the City of Hogansville.

Funding for Hogansville’s match will be from SPLOST Recreation/Trails/Parks spending category. In addition, Troup County, as part of the approved Service Delivery Strategy in 2021, will reimburse the City of Hogansville $40,000 for expenses incurred as part of this project, per the project’s description.

Some of TSW’s other projects include City of Bainbridge Parks in Bainbridge, Georgia, Cherokee County parks and trails and the Deidra Lackey Memorial Park in Hickory, North Carolina.

Mallett Constituting, Inc. and Stantec also bid on the project. Mallett Consulting was bid $49,900 and Stantec Consulting Services bid $88,000.