Lauren Farris shares her GIS internship with the LaGrange city council

Published 3:30 pm Thursday, February 10, 2022

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The City of LaGrange celebrated their intern, Lauren Farris, at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

Farris just completed her internship and focused on geographic information system analysis within the local government. She is currently a senior at LaGrange High School.

“I’m a senior at LaGrange High School with a passion for learning and serving others,” Farris said.

“The local government has always been of interest to me.”

During her internship Farris said she learned about Geographic Information System mapping, a geographic information system containing geographic data, combined with software tools for managing, analyzing, and visualizing those data works.

“I learned exactly how GIS mapping works, how to make, analyze and revise a map, and how much GIS benefits our city,” she said. “This technology has completely changed the functionality of the utility services that the city provides.”

Farris’s internship lasted eight weeks and was with the GIS Mapping and Engineering office. The office is responsible for creating maps and assisting the city with analyzing information. The type of information can range from enconomic development, zoning, trails/parks and police-fire zones.

Farris applied for this internship and said it changed the way she looks at LaGrange and she thanked the people who helped her get to where she is.

“Most of all its changed the way I view this wonderful city of ours. I’ve had such an amazing experience as an intern here for the city. I’m beyond grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow,” Farris said.

“I, also, want to thank Mr. Rhodes, Miss Spencer, Mr. Malone and Ms. Bush for graciously giving up their time to spend with me each week.”

Media Coordinator Adam Speas introduced Farris and said she lept at the internship opportunity. He commended her passion for her work.

“[She] was one of them who leapt at the opportunity to jump in on internships. And she particularly was interested in GIS mapping and economic development,” Speas said.

“I can tell you from emailing with her and talking to her she is passionate, she is dedicated and she is persistent.”

If interested in an internship with the City of LaGrange check out their website at: or call: (706) 883-2000.

Lauren Farris gave a speech to the council and community members during their February meeting. She spoke on how the internship helped her learn more about GIS analysis.