LaGrange city council approves intergovernmental agreement for Upper Big Springs Road; hears proposal regarding meters on Rock Mills Road

Published 9:00 am Tuesday, February 15, 2022

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The LaGrange City Council unanimously passed an intergovernmental agreement with the LaGrange Economic Development Authority at Tuesday’s meeting. This contract was in regards to transferring industrial property on Upper Big Springs Rd. to the development authority.

City Attorney Jeff Todd explained at the meeting what this would mean for LaGrange.

“[We’ve] discussed this a number of times over the last year. What you have before you tonight is [an] intergovernmental contract authorizing the city to convey 100 plus acres on Big Springs Road to the development authority,” Todd said. “They in turn will convey it to a hydroponic agricultural concord that hopes to get started in the next six or eight months.”

The LaGrange City Council also heard new business on the Heard County Water Authority.. The agreement would be between the Heard County Water Authority and the City of LaGrange.

City Manager Meg Kelsey said the agreement will determine how maintenance is completed for the meters located on Rock Mills Rd.

“This agreement determines how we’re going to do maintenance for that facility as it relates to meters. Currently, our county has a charge that they add on to our bill every month,” Kelsey said. “They’re willing to remove that charge in exchange for LaGrange responding to maintenance needs for [it]. Staff would recommend that council approve [it].”

The terms for the agreement include:

4HCWA will provide treated water to the City of LaGrange through the meter located on Rock Mills Rd. This is only if HCWA has water available and they are allowed to turn it off if a failure occurs on behalf of LaGrange.

4HCWA will not charge a base rate for the water purchased. LaGrange is responsible for the continued maintenance of equipment required for metering, back flow prevention and other things necessary to connect LaGrange water system to HCWA.

4 The rate for this agreement will be $5.75 per thousand gallons or a fraction of it. The payment can be adjusted based on operating expenses and the cost of water production. HCWA will notify LaGrange of any increases with a 30-day written notice. LaGrange will pay HCWA on a monthly basis and within 15 days of receiving the bill.

4If HCWA imposes water restrictions, LaGrange must abide by those restrictions.

4This agreeement will be in effect for 40 years from the day it is signed.