VANCE SMITH COLUMN: Great to meet 4H students

Published 10:30 am Saturday, February 19, 2022

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By Vance Smith
Represents Georgia House District 133

We have completed 15 Legislative Days of the Georgia General Assembly, as of Friday, Feb. 11, out of a 40 day Session. We were in Session four out office days last week with Wednesday being a committee day. This works well having a full day dedicated to committee work.

Wednesday was also a special day because Ms. Adrianne Cox brought three students from Harris County High School, who are members of 4-H, to attend their 4-H Association meetings at the Railroad Depot, a block from the Capitol. Later in the morning, we met at the Capitol and I gave them a tour. We visited the House Floor and the Senate Gallery. I pointed out various offices in the Capitol and the 4th Floor, which contains exhibits about the history of our state and showcases our plentiful natural resources. It is always great to see individuals from home and I thoroughly enjoyed having our 4-H students and Ms. Cox.

I am working on legislation dealing with “call before you dig.” This legislation would update codes on this subject matter and require all individuals to be more responsible in their request and require the locating companies to be responsive in expediting these requests. I will have more on this legislation later.

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