22 Questions in 2022: What’s the status of adding more affordable housing in Troup County?

Published 4:00 pm Sunday, February 27, 2022

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Jobs of various natures are readily available in Troup County, many of which are paying increased pay and benefits on top of training. With entities like KIA Georgia, Hyundai and Remington Firearms setting their roots in Troup County, workers have many options to choose from, but there continues to be one aspect that may be slowing down their thirst to move: adequate, affordable housing.

Expanding housing options has been discussed by city and county officials for several years. In the last year alone, officials in both LaGrange and Hogansville have been setting forth plans to bring new housing into their respective areas.

The City of LaGrange is partnering with EYC Companies, LLC, to bring 144 multi-units in the downtown LaGrange area. Meanwhile, Troup County Board of Commissioners heard plans in January for veterans housing to be incorporated in the former State Patrol Building. The county has also worked with Gateway Ventures, an Atlanta-based developer, to bring in more than 1,000 homes and apartments to the intersection of Davis and Hogansville Roads.

Former Hogansville Mayor Bill Stankiewicz announced plans last August of to annex approximately 680-acres for 2,150 housing units for Hogansville, all of which will vary from apartment-style units to condominiums. This followed an announcement that additional housing would be added to complexes in Hogansville, including Jones Crossing, Stony Ridge, Huntcliff subdivision, Shallowcreek and Bass Cross Apartments.

At the time, Stankiewicz said noted that the housing was to accommodate an increase in population that Hogansville could experience in the next decade. The plans for the majority of the housing was to accommodate “worker-style housing” or housing that is affordable for those with more middle-class salaries.

Meanwhile, entities like the LaGrange Housing Authority have already broken ground on its planned wave of affordable housing units near Jordan Way. The units are located near Ragland Street where amenities like the Walmart Neighborhood Market and several medical offices are only a short walking distance, addressing a transportation need many residents of the housing authority may face.

Troup County Board of Commissioners Chairman Patrick Crews noted that affordable housing was immensely needed and said he had been discussed with out-of-state developers to address how to bring more into the area.

“We are working outside the box right now,” he said. “We’re trying to come up with some solutions. I’ve been told that nearly all the apartments in LaGrange are basically full. I saw a report on the Atlanta news [recently] that said the same thing was happening in Atlanta. I think if we can develop some kind of work force that specifically targets workers, we can attract more people to work here.”