OUR VIEW: Leaving town for Spring Break? Plan ahead, leave early

Published 10:30 am Friday, March 25, 2022

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Next week is Spring Break, meaning many families in Troup County will be taking off for the beach, or some other vacation destination.

It’s a much-needed break for students, teachers and even parents.

But it also means that roads will be busy. Different parts of the country have Spring Break at different times, meaning some school systems have already had their breaks, while others still have breaks to come.

However, many school systems will have their Spring break this week, so be wary of that when traveling.

We ask that locals making a trip plan ahead. That means leaving earlier than necessary and expecting traffic that might slow down the trip. It means being safe on the roadways and driving the speed limit.

It also means not drinking and getting behind the wheel. Gulf Coast beaches have a very strict no alcohol policy, so we always recommend you know the laws if you’re planning to head to the Gulf. (Particularly you, college students.)

Spring break is all about having a good, fun time, whether the week is spent with family or friends. Planning ahead, leaving early and not being in a huge rush will make the week safer and much more fun for you and your travel party.

Also, remember that law enforcement always recommends waiting until you return home to post all of your vacation photos. While it’s fun to post while you’re at a destination, it also lets everyone know that you are not home. Criminals included.

Avoid the urge if you can and wait to post about everything until you’re back.

Most importantly, pack plenty of sunscreen and have a great time.