Big opportunities continue for sports management students at LaGrange College

Published 11:30 am Wednesday, April 6, 2022

If you’re watching a big sporting event in the United States, especially over the last few years, know that it probably didn’t take place without a little assistance from students at LaGrange College.

Dr. Preston James’ sports management program at LaGrange College has worked several Super Bowls and Atlanta United, Atlanta Falcons’ games. Now, they’ve worked the Final Four in New Orleans too.

Only four total colleges sent students to help facilitate the fan experience at this year’s Final Four, and the other three are large Division I universities (LSU, South Carolina and North Carolina.) These 10 students sacrificed the free time of their Spring break in order to be in New Orleans working, hoping to strengthen their resumes for a shot at future employment in their dream profession. So while Kansas, North Carolina, Duke and Villanova were battling it out on the hardwood in a Final Four of all Blue Bloods, local students were working hard to ensure a great event behind the scenes.

We’re sure it’s an experience they’ll never forget.

James and the college deserve a lot of credit for continuously getting their students these type of opportunities. It’s hard to get better hands-on experience than some of the biggest events in the country all year.

We’re sure it looks great on a resume, and most importantly, leads to an opportunity for employment down the road.