GENDUSA COLUMN: A conversation with the Lord

Published 10:30 am Wednesday, April 13, 2022

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First, Lord, thank you for coming to us, suffering for us, and teaching us the power of God.  None of us thank you enough. Sometimes, we don’t hear you knock on our door or listen to your whispers during noisy days. We tune you out when we want our way and yet call your name when we are desperate.

Remember when I was little, and Dad would tell me what I should do, but I didn’t listen? You also remember the trouble I was in afterward, right? Since we are all your children, we create problems when we don’t follow your instructions. And I know such behavior must tempt you to leave us a zillion times a day. So, Father, I sure appreciate you sticking with our silly selves. Do they have ibuprofen in Heaven?

Lord, today the world is suffering. Your people in Ukraine are experiencing devastation akin to ancient times when ruthlessness and barbarianism were rampant. I never thought I would witness such, but I suppose time doesn’t change evil. I am reminded that until you return, the dark one is always lurking around a corner, no matter how ‘advanced’ we think we are. Please, Lord, render aid to those who suffer from the brutality of evildoers. And remind us to open our hearts to the plight of others and give all we can.

Many good people do humanitarian and Godly work, but their efforts are often drowned by cynicism and shouts of violence. I trust you will give them the strength to plow through the cruelty and listen only to your words of encouragement. We need all the earthly angels we can gather.

Some young people want to end their life and give their souls back to you before you are ready to call them home. Mental health solutions are desperately needed today due to the rise in suicide among teens. If you could possibly send seeds of more understanding and kindness to us, I promise to help plant them any way I can. Too many are leaving before they understand your purpose for them, and it must break your heart. 

As you know, we have a bunch of ‘upstanding citizens’ who, in error, believe they stand taller than you. Do you remember when I thought I was on top of the world, and life was just grand? If you recall, you humbled me, put me on my knees, and told me to not get up until I had changed my attitude. Maybe I should give you a list of folks to call on. 

The truth is we all often require humbling. My big mouth and I need a daily dose of humble meds. You would think I would know by now, but I sometimes forget my lessons, for which I am genuinely sorry.

It is Easter time, and each year, I listen to your song, “Up from the grave He arose, with a mighty triumph o’er his foes…!” Yep, you triumphed alright. Gives me goosebumps when I hear that hymn and how you showed the world just who you were the day you rose from the dark domain. Because you defeated death, you gave each of us a song of hope, clarity, and eternal life if we just choose to believe.

Some folks don’t acknowledge you as Lord, which is astounding. Before there were telephones, television, internet, social media and mass communication, you gathered 12 disciples to follow you. You roamed from village to village preaching the word of God. Today, 2022 years later, your name is still spoken by millions daily. So, I ask the doubters, “How did that happen?”

The innocence of children is a joy unmatched by most anything around here. I pray they are learning that you are the gift of Easter because you will be with them all their lives. Children see you clearly, but adulthood can blind them unless they are taught to always keep you in focus. Please surround them with teachers bearing eye drops of faith.

Forgive us for idolizing people and things we shouldn’t. Man-made power is mesmerizing, but remind us that you are the shining example of authentic leadership, enormous strength, and unmatched sweetness and mercy.

And that if we can’t see you in the things and people we idolize, then help us to turn away.

Lord, I can’t imagine what your followers thought when they saw you alive again through their tears of grief! Then, after giving them instructions, you assured them that your spirit will remain even after you leave the earth again.

I am not sure how it works, but your spirit does fall into our hearts if we fall to our knees. That is the absolute miracle of you!

Hallelujah! Christ arose … thank goodness.