Clockwork Performance Training facility focuses on building up-and-coming athletes

Published 10:00 am Saturday, May 7, 2022

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LaGrange native Kane Bradfield spent the earlier part of his life on the football fields at Savannah State University and even played professionally with the Kentucky Horsemen in Lexington, Kentucky.

Though he ended up retiring from football in 2008 to focus on his family, the adrenaline of the sport never left his veins. That led to him starting Clockwork Performance Training, giving young athletes a gym tailored to helping them meet their goals.

“Our focus is very much on athletes,” Bradfield said. “We’re here to give every athlete a competitive edge with their sport.”

Kane developed Clockwork Performance Training in 2014. He officially bought the building where CPT is housed on Southern Drive in August.

He said to his knowledge, the warehouse-style building formally housed large trucks. To date, he’s still working on the building to address some of its needs, such as issues throughout the workout areas and installing functional flooring.

The over 160,000 square foot building houses amenities such as indoor batting cages and a gym court area used for volleyball, tennis and basketball practice. It additionally has a fitness room where athletes have room to exercise.

Bradfield said he plans to add artificial turf around the batting cages and possibly a walking track too.

Clockwork works with athletes as young as four up to college-age. Bradfield said he works with as many as 50 young athletes a week, and many come in after school. The facility has a renovated area for students to do their homework prior to workouts.

“We have athletes who come home from college and train with us during the summertime,” Bradfield said.

“No matter what age they come in … they’re getting a trainer, and they’re training with athletic gear.”

Clockwork has eight trainers on staff and the majority of them focus on athletic-related fitness, Bradfield said. However, Bradfield also offers adult and youth fitness-related workouts.

“You have a lot of kids here that don’t play sports, but they struggle with their weight, so we have a youth fitness program to get them going,” Bradfield said.

The typical price range for one of Clockwork’s programs averages about $125 a month for a two-day a week session.

Athletes can drop in without an appointment for fitness training for $15 and athlete training for $25.

For more information about Clockwork Performance Training’s services and prices, visit