OUR VIEW: High school seniors, these are truly some of the best moments of your life

Published 11:30 am Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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There are so many different times that people proclaim as “the best time of your life.”

If you are lucky enough to grow old, you’ll hear it at different stages of your life. You’ll hear it at 16 when you get your driver’s license and can get out on the open road for the first time.

You’ll hear it when you’re in college, a time many of us reflect back on.

You’ll hear it on your wedding day, and the day your children are born.

It’s a phrase that has become synonymous with some of the milestones we all come across in life.

For high school seniors, we’re happy to tell you that you are experiencing one of those moments right now.

Our local schools (both private and public) have graduations on different days. Their schedules are a little different. But regardless of which school you attend, these next few days are meant to be enjoyed. If you still have a few days in a traditional classroom setting, soak them up. Enjoy every minute.

It’s hard to believe at this moment, but all of the friends you’ve known for years (some since kindergarten) will soon be on their own paths. Life has a way of separating people. One classmate goes to a college hours (or states) away. Another joins the military. Another gets married. Opportunities usually only coming knocking to those willing to answer, and unfortunately, that means that people you’ve known your whole life will soon go down a different path than your own.

We’re not saying you can’t keep high school friends for life. Of course, you can, and the internet has made it easier than ever to stay connected. But as soon as graduation happens in high school, it’s like the gas pedal is touching the floorboard. Everything is moving 100 miles per hour.

Life stages pass by so quickly — many of the ones we mentioned above. The next step is finding a career, going to college or joining the military. Many will soon get married and have kids.

But for now — for these next few days and weeks — the senior class is still together.

Don’t let these days slip away. Enjoy every second because they’ll be gone before you know it. You’ve worked hard to earn this moment in your life, and it’s truly yours to enjoy.

These moments will be gone before you know it. And they truly are some of the best moments of your life.