‘Our next chapter’: LaGrange Academy graduates 16

Published 1:25 am Saturday, May 21, 2022

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By Chase Davis

LaGrange Daily News

Sixteen seniors graduated from LaGrange Academy on Thursday, receiving a diploma and moving into the next phase of their academic careers.

Nancy Caldwell, the 2022 class salutatorian, discussed her time at LaGrange Academy as an important “chapter in the book of memories.”

“This graduation day not only ends this chapter of our lives, but it also begins our next chapter, a daunting chapter that is also filled with promise and hope of what’s to come,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell went on to thank the faculty for their dedication to the students and to share her hopes for the 2022 graduating class.

“My hope is that you will continue to follow your dreams, your passions, while making memories and rising to the challenges you face so that one day, you will smile and reminisce on all the things you have done and all that you have accomplished,” Caldwell said.

The class valedictorian, Milan Patel, also thanked the faculty for their hard work. “You have provided us with the resources for us to stand before you today as high school graduates,” said Patel.

Patel continued by discussing all the things he and his classmates had gained from their time in high school.

“Not only did we gain knowledge, I think that we gained a lot from the experiences that we had and the people around us…these experiences have helped us define who we are,” said Patel.

After the student speeches, teachers shared personalized antidotes on each of the students, sharing not only what colleges they plan to attend, but also some of their favorite memories and stories of that student’s time at LaGrange Academy. Some of the stories were funny, others sad, but all of them had a strong personal touch.

In addition to their diplomas, several students were honored for their achievements. These honors included the headmaster’s, founder’s, and alumni awards. The sixteen graduating seniors were Zaynah Amir, Nancy Caldwell, Kelsey Cotton, Eun Seo Cho, Avery Hudson, Hayley Alexis Gaddy, Mollie Olinger, Chloe Harrell, Mackenzie Jones, Charles Rabel Lawson, Eli Spears, Riley Whitlow, Chase Whitlow, Connor Roberts, Milan Patel, and Dustin Scott York.