LaFayette Christian School graduates 14

Published 7:30 pm Tuesday, May 31, 2022

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By Chase Davis

On Saturday afternoon, 14 students received their diplomas and graduated from Lafayette Christian School.

Lafayette Christian School’s Salutatorian Robert Taylor started his speech by reflecting on how he had changed since coming to LCS in middle school.

“When I first came here, all I wanted to do was show up, get the grade, and go home to play video games. Rinse and repeat every day.” Crockett said. “The thing about LCS is when you have a physics class of eight, it’s really hard to avoid people. After a while, I grew to appreciate it, and soon I will come to miss it.”

Taylor thanked the teachers for their dedication to helping him and the graduating class. He encouraged his classmates always to do their best and live according to their faith.

“Always let your light shine before others so that they may see your good deeds and you can glorify your father in heaven,” Taylor said.

The class Valedictorian, Grace Kelly, reflected upon how LCS had impacted and strengthened her faith.

“If I have learned anything here, it was that our true worth, our ultimate point of success and perfection, is in loving Christ and allowing Him to work through us,” Kelly said.

Kelly continued her speech by discussing how she used to worry about pleasing others constantly, but how her time at Lafayette Christian School helped shift that mindset.

“Our goal should not be to please others. Our goal should be to please Jesus Christ, and him alone,” Kelly said.

After the student speeches, there was a video presentation in which each student was featured with pictures from their childhood. The presentation ended with several group photos, highlighting several major trips and group activities that the class did together.

In addition to their diplomas, several students and teachers were honored for their hard work.

These honors included the Benaiah Medallion, the Female Athlete of the Year Award, and the Student Leader of the Year Award. The fourteen graduating seniors were Luke Abel, Abigail Elder, Juleigh Haynes, Gracie Killmer, Corbin Carlson, Connor Gisler, Grace Kelly, Katie Killmer, Beau Lee, Hana Stevens, Will Tompa, Nathan Rensenhouse, Robert Taylor III and Isiah Tusing.