GENDUSA COLUMN: Improving our vision

Published 11:30 am Wednesday, June 22, 2022

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We all look at life in remarkably different ways. Some view the world as only they see it, while others view life by trying on other folks’ glasses. We all tend to believe we see clearly, but maybe, we are looking through scratched, foggy lenses that should be tossed.

There are many ways to obtain better vision, such as eating carrots or investing in Windex. However, I am offering a few non-scientific ideas on how to improve our eyesight. Don’t we all desire to see a crisp blue sky instead of gathering storm clouds and view positivity and healing rather than defeat?

One: What if we begin by changing our view of our nation’s citizens as white, black, Latino, Asian, Italian, French, or purple and instead decide that once one has become a United States citizen, we are just called Americans? 

I am as proud of my heritage as a Scottish, English, genealogical mixed purple human as anyone, but I call myself an American. If we can lose some of the labels we use, we will begin to ease racial tension. Some words are not acceptable in my home, and all of them regard bigotry, which I detest and rightfully so. It is the most archaic, ungodly, demented, selfish and intolerable behavior we can perform as children of God.

Does anyone believe God judges us by our ethnicity?

Our society has faltered so many times when it comes to building better race relations. We can improve only if we quit viewing each other through tinted glasses.

Two: The political battles between Republicans and Democrats are abysmal. We must become discerning voters, find more qualified representatives, and be proud of our leaders. If I hear the word “liberal” or “conservative” used in a derogatory way one more time, I might pick up my grandmother’s heavy iron skillet and whack the terms right out of the English language. I hate to bust anyone’s political party chops, but we are all Americans and should focus on discovering some common national earth to stand on before it changes to quicksand and we sink.

When political bias slants lean too far, right or left, the government will have difficulty standing tall in the middle, where many of us reside. If we truly love our country more than our party affiliation, we must stop the blame game and instead use that negative energy to find solutions to aid our citizens.

But above all else, a person’s character must become dominant within our leaders and in each of us. We will find honesty, bravery and answers through those clear, clean glasses.

Three: Religion could use a bit of a revamp. Churches are dividing into sects, pews are emptying, and building faith is falling through the cracks. Do y’all recall the children’s rhyme we learned by clasping our hands, raising our index fingers together, and saying, “Here’s the Church, and there’s the steeple,” and when we opened our hands, we would shout, “Open the door and see all the people!?”

Well, where did the people go? When we become the judge, the jury, the divine guru of all, God’s word becomes secondary. Hypocrisy is killing faith. How do we promote God’s teachings when supposedly Godly people espouse prejudices or political hatred and exhibit a lack of compassion? There are countless incredible, giving, spirit-filled people whose voices and actions must rise above the clapping sounds of evil.

God’s instruction was to simply love one another and teach all nations about him. It is impossible to educate the earth with mere words, but we can change the world by our actions. God’s act of sending us his only son to die for our sins showed us the meaning of love. The least we can do is change our negative behavior to positive actions to exemplify our holy faith.  Judging belongs only to God, who needs no glasses to see.  These optical changes are just my attempt to help us envision a healthier world by becoming more honorable. We are consumed by countless global views through the media, social media, religions, political leaders, and each other; we must be reminded that we are all members of one human race. God sees distinctly and knows the purity of our hearts. And he continues trying His level best to be seen amid dense fog. Because when we do cast our eyes clearly upon him, all things become more apparent, and love will begin to defeat much of the bias, hatred, lies, and self-righteousness that destroys our sight.