HUNT COLUMN: Vision 2025: Six Core Values

Published 9:30 am Wednesday, July 20, 2022

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By Cathy Hunt
School Board Chair

In the summer of 2021, our school system began laying the groundwork for a much-needed strategic plan for the coming years. We wanted to start on this earlier, but a little thing called Covid had gotten in the way.

Finally, last summer, we were able to assemble large groups of teachers, administrators, other staff, parents, board members, and civic and business leaders to embark on what would be a months-long process to generate ideas and information, then distill that superabundance of brain power into a manageable document. 

Now “Vision 2025,” a 22 page publication, has come off the presses. In it you will be able to find our vision and mission statements, core values, goals, and general information about the system and each school. There is even more specificity in the strategic plan by way of action items which have been developed but were not included in this more accessible document.

One task of the first group that met was to brainstorm words that suggested values which ought to be important in the education of our students. Six of these rose to the top of the heap, and I’ll present them here, along with a short explanation.

Connection: Students need to find a learning community or communities in their schools where they feel accepted and motivated. Offering plenty of opportunities will ensure that TCSS does indeed have “A Place for Every Kid.”

Equity: Students from every type of background should have access to the same resources, programs and experiences that will open doors to future success.

Achievement: Students must acquire the skills needed for fluency in reading, math and critical thinking so that they will be prepared for whatever post-secondary learning they may choose.

Resilience: Students should learn the importance of perseverance, determination, confidence, responsibility and hard work.

Integrity: Students must learn the pride of accomplishment that is earned when they achieve goals with honesty, passion and accountability.

Compassion: When students graduate, they should have matured into young adults who are servant leaders and who display empathy and a thirst for lifelong learning.

Dr. Shumate points out that these six values demonstrate the ideal evolution of a student: Get them connected at a young age to programs that make them want to come to school. Make sure they have equal opportunities from the get-go. Teach them to be proficient in academic skills. Mold them into young people of character. Graduate them as young adults who are ready to make a positive difference in the world.

In my next column, I’ll report on the five official strategic goals that our work in the past year determined were most important to us at this point in time.

Meanwhile, you can see the full publication by going to the Troup County Schools website, clicking on the School Board link and then the “Vision, Mission, Goals, Beliefs” link on the left. At the bottom of that page you will find a link for the strategic plan. Alternately, you may run across hard copies of “Vision 2025” at perhaps your doctor’s office or other places around town. Please take one and read all about it!