Diverse Power announces utility rate increase

Published 9:00 am Saturday, July 23, 2022

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On Thursday, Diverse Power announced that it will be raising utility rates. According to Ken Pope, the Residential Services Marketing Coordinator for Diverse Power, the utility rate has been temporarily increased by 10% in response to a 28% increase in wholesale power cost.

“The wholesale power cost increase is due to changing energy landscapes, which include the limited availability of cheaper energy resources like coal, global price increases in natural gas, and the increased demand for electricity due to recent higher temperatures,” he said.

The temporary rate increase comes as an effort to meet the increased demand for sustainable and reliable electricity and avoid brownouts or service interruptions during peak periods.

According to Pope, in the coming year(s), the company plans to introduce Plant Vogtle Unit 3. Plant Vogtle Unit 3 will add to a diverse power mix and help soften the dependency on the volatile rates of other energy resources.

Presently, Diverse Power serves approximately 17,000 customers in Troup County. According to information provided by Pope, Diverse Power serves over 36,000 customers in 16 counties. See the break down below for exact numbers provided.

In response to rising utility rates, the company offers programs customers can utilize to help manage and pay their monthly bill during the rate increase. Some ways included are, leveled billing, insulation rebates, low interest energy improvement loans, and conducting online do-it-yourself energy audits.

“Diverse Power offers several programs to help consumers receive the best value for the energy dollar,” Pope said.

Customers who utilize Leveled Billing, pay a rolling average on their electric bill rather than the actual monthly bill. According to Pope, this typically results in paying less than your actual amount in summer and slightly more than your actual amount in the winter.

According to Pope, under insulation rebates, customers can receive a credit on their electric bill for upgrading certain insulation items for their home. For example, heat pumps, water heaters, air-sealing’s, and attic insulations for homes through Diverse Power can help customers get a credit on their bill.

According to Pope, under improvement loans, customers can make energy upgrades to their home’s insulation, windows, doors, ductwork, heating and cooling and water heating equipment and finance the measures through a unique program between Diverse Power and the Go Energy Financial Credit Union.

Customers can manage their energy usage by visiting diversepower.com. As mentioned by Pope, by using the My DPI mobile app customers can view a detailed annual, monthly, daily and hourly energy use report of their home’s kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumption. If anything is off or wrong, customers report it Diverse Power.

“For more help or information contact our customer service department at 706-845-2000 for information on local, regional, and state energy assistance programs that fit your specific circumstances,” Pope said.

For more information on these programs visit Diversepower.com or call customer service at 706-845-2000.