Troup County Sheriff’s Office arrest Reports for Period Ending July 25

Published 4:51 pm Monday, July 25, 2022

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Joseph E. Alderson, 42, 334 Samples Rd., West Point, GA, 2 counts terroristic threats (felony)

Adam Michael Paul, 38, 4 S. Barnard Ave., LaGrange, GA, simple battery (FVA), obstruction of officer, simple battery, cruelty to child 3rd degree: child witness felony battery FVA

Baryon Moss Truitt, 55, 1100 Park Ave., LaGrange, GA, criminal trespass (city), obstruction

Kenneth Cortez Broome, 22, 921 Malibu Dr., LaGrange, GA, civil possession of marijuana, driving on suspended/revoked license, failure to appear (LaGrange)

Brandon Lee Worthy, 48 Lower Big Springs Rd., LaGrange, GA, 2 counts failure to appear (superior)

D’Ante’ Marquis Cotton, 29, 124 Dora St., LaGrange, GA, reckless driving, driving on suspended/revoked license, redusing light transmissions through windows, fleeing/attempting to elude officer, battery (FVA)

Lekedrick Darnell Whitehead, 22, 1051 Elm Street, Marks, MS, fail to show proof of insurance, speeding 24-33 mph over speed limit, driving on suspended/revoked license

Larry James Deale, 38, 119 Turner St. B, LaGrange, GA, holding for another agency

Ashley Nicole Bass, 31, 144 Martha St., LaGrange, GA, theft by shoplifting (MISD) $500 or less

Robert Lowell Pike, 57, 310 Greenville St., LaGrange, Ga, criminal trespass (city)

Patricia Gable Evans, 67, no known address, criminal trespass (city)

Natasha Tyron, 35, 405 Bridge Way, Lawrenceville, GA, theft – other (felony)

Quandrekus Deamonte Person, 23, 110 Bell St., LaGrange, GA, obstruction of officer, theft-other

Nneka Ekoi Robinson, 31, 1214 E. 14th St., West Point, GA, DUI-alcohol, driving motor vehicle on suspended/canceled/revoked registration, failure to maintain lane, driving on suspended/revoked license

Julian Silvers, 17, 210 Ridgecrest Rd., LaGrange, GA, theft – vehicle-other

Gerald Smart, 48, 360 Satalite Cr., Fortson, GA, failure to appear (superior)

Janice Michelle Ables, 46, 614 Holly St. 13, West Point, GA, failure to appear (superior)

Brandon James Allred, 33, 301 Green Ave., Hogansville, GA, criminal trespass, obstruction of officer

Sheila Marie Gordon, 64, no known address, criminal trespass

Daniel Ray Reese, 63, no known address, obstruction of officer, disorderly conduct, terroristic threats (MISD)

Dustin Lee Sheppard, 29, 124 Buck Murphy Rd. B, LaGrange, GA, aggravated assault-hand,fist,feet (FVA), probation violation (superior)

Lachevious Rakim Mahone, 33, 204 Bonaventure Dr., LaGrange, GA, kidnapping-adult (FVA), aggravated assault-gun (FVA), probation violation (superior)

Antonio Lewis Shells, 41, 2728 Georgia Highway 49 S, Oglethorpe, GA, production order/brought back to court

Blake Anthony Langley, 29, 1111 Newport Rd., Macon, GA, failure to appear (West Point)

Barry Allen Dunklee, 53, 301 Moccasin Trail, LaGrange, GA, DUI-less safe – alcohol

Jerry Wayne Storey, 38, 739 N. Greenwood St., GA, theft by shoplifting (city) $500 or less

Meliena Martin, 38, 301 Foxtrot Trail, Hogansville, GA, criminal trespass – damage to property (FVA), battery (FVA)

Kadarius Alonzo Philpot, 21, 635 West Main St. Hogansville, GA, TPO violation, battery (FVA), criminal trespass – damage to property (FVA), simple assault (FVA), battery (FVA)

Quintin Marquavious Anderson, 30, 402 S. Lee St., LaGrange, GA, tampering with evidence (MISD), possession firearm by convicted felon, VGCSA-schedule 1 or 2 possession with intent, probation violation (superior)

Robert Razon Scott, 37, 4844 Twin Lakes Trail, Dunwoody, GA, failure to appear (state)

Antavious Marquez Thomas, 18, 194 Pine Circle, LaGrange, GA, criminal trespass, simple assault (FVA)

Danny Eugene Allen, 56, 614 Harwell Ave., LaGrange, GA, sexual battery

Jayla Christine Houston, 28, 100 Peach Tree Ct. B, LaGrange, GA, simple battery, criminal damage to property – 2nd degree

Ruthie La-Tavia Bell, 34, 954 Mooty Bridge Apt. G, LaGrange, GA, deprivation of a minor

Mynor Seb Tzib, 33, 216 Kingswood Dr. 216, LaGrange, GA, violation of traffic control device, operating vehicle without driver’s license

Isaac Deshawn Lawson, 28, 618 Degroat St., LaGrange, Ga, theft-entering an auto

Bennie Willie Dixon, 61, no known address, failure to appear (LaGrange)

Russell Lewis Booker, 41, 730 Camellia Dr., LaGrange, GA, failure to appear (LaGrange), probation violation (state)

Gareon Dewan Merritt, 53, 103 Cooley Rd., LaGrange, GA, fleeing/attempting to elude officer, failure to maintain lane, striking an unattended vehicle, probation violation (state)

Shanna Nechol Ballard, 34, 1718 West Edgemont, Montgomery, AL, failure to appear (state)

Jamira Shanae Magby, 30, 522 Drave Ave., Apt. B-3, LaFayette, AL, terroristic threats (felony), criminal damage to property – 2nd degree

Kelcey Demetris Stephens, 43, 918 Kissler St., LaGrange, GA, production order/brought back to court

Jaylen Reshaun Snow, 24, 630 Frank Hall Jr. St., West Point, GA, production order/brought back to court

Marcus Antonio Leslie, 37, 2256 Memorial Dr. SE, Atlanta, GA, production order/brought back to court

Ryan Joseph Nickence, 39, 304 Woodland Dr., LaGrange, GA, production order/brought back to court

Rosa Louise Dunlap, 34, no known address, failure to appear (LaGrange)

Cody Michael Smith, 26, 1049 Hightower Rd., Hogansville, GA, failure to appear (superior), probation violation (superior)

Melissa Ann Pogue, 33, 280 Puckett Dr., Hogansville, GA, false statements and writings, identity fraud, forgery-other objects

Areon Devanta Colton, 26, 357 Carter St., LaGrange, GA, failure to appear (superior)

Melissa Helen Traylor, 53, 355 N. River Cr., Hogansville, GA, VGCSA-amphetamine-sale/possession with intent to distribute, reducing light transmissions through windows, fail to maintain minimum insurance

Michael David Wooten, 25, 107 Thomas Dr., LaGrange, GA, prowling (city), obstruction, criminal trespass (city)

Denise Armonta, 37, 2814 Hamilton Rd., LaGrange, GA, obstruction of officer

David Keith Trammell, 54, 601 Johnson St., LaGrange, GA, state sexual offender registry

Patrick Wayne Harrison, 37, 144 Pine Grove Lane, LaGrange, GA, simple battery (FVA)

Sharmanye Nicole Pinckney, 36, 910 Houston St., LaGrange, GA, simple assault (FVA), robbery-street-gun

Steven Morris Fordham, 41, 1601 LaFayette Pkwy., LaGrange, GA, VGCSA-amphetamine-possession, probation violation (superior)

Opal Lee Yarbrough, 67, 125 Parker Place 108, LaGrange, GA, DUI-less safe-.08 gms or more

Bryan Douglas Edwards Jr., 39, 2814 Hamilton Rd., LaGrange, GA, probation violation (superior), probation violation (state), obstruction of officer

Abraham De Jesus Hernandez, 38, 8042 Lee St., Forest Park, GA, failure to appear (state)

Ricardo Martese Gaines, 37, 9548 Hwy. 296, Stapleton, GA, endangering security interest

Dereyon Sabastian Houston, 21, 1403 Ave. K, West Point, GA, TPO violation

Brittany Suzanne Walston, 34, 1097 Youngs Mill Rd., LaGrange, GA, battery (FVA)

Victor Hugo Lopez, 22, 2206 East University Dr., Apt. 17F, Auburn, AL, FTY to emergency vehicle, DUI-less safe – alcohol, no license on person, wrong way on one way street

Telly Savalas McCauley, 48, 508 E. 6th St., West Point, GA, probation violation (West Point), DUI-less safe – multi drugs-alcohol, failure to maintain lane, driving on suspended/revoked license, no license on person

Jerry Clyde Cox, 71, 1307 Washington St., LaGrange, GA, battery

Jvontheni Marquis Magby, 26, 116 Jasmine Ln., LaGrange, GA, theft-other

Gary Lee Wright, 43, 266 Middleton Place, Gwinnett, GA, operate watercraft under the influence, operation of vessels in vicinity of regulatory markers, lights on vessels required

Jakhala Marshay Moss, 22, 144 LaFayette Ct., LaGrange, GA, battery (FV)

Stephanie Michelle Simpson, 44, 970 Mooty Bridge Rd., LaGrange, GA, DUI-less safe – alcohol, failure to maintain lane

Rontavious Keyvonness Walker, 29, 115 Mitchell Ave., LaGrange, GA, battery (FVA)

Jamya Mykera Harden, 20, 421 Glen Robertson St., LaGrange, GA, fleeing/attempting to elude officer, speeding 15-18 mph over speed limit

Andres Jimenez Garcia, 15, no known address, operating vehicle without driver’s license