Letter: Dogs should not be on trolleys

Published 11:30 am Saturday, July 30, 2022

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The Troup County Board of Commissioners made an intelligent improvement to minimum standards of care for dogs when they outlawed fixed-point tethering. Unfortunately, their ordinance revision did not go far enough. Although “trolley” systems come with a stated warning that such tethering devices are only intended for temporary use under supervision, the commissioners failed to outlaw “trolley” systems, which are being used on dogs in our county as a permanent means of confinement.

Commissioners need to understand the desperation and emotional deprivation tethered dogs suffer. Often, nothing in their environment moves or changes but a food bowl or water bucket. Dogs confined in this manner, in violation of the stated package warnings, can only watch life go by – day after day, and year after year – on a lonely bed of dirt. Dogs on “trolleys” are victims of boredom, isolation and numerous summer parasites. They cannot protect themselves from attacks from passing dogs.

Unsterilized female dogs confined on runners are easily bred, causing our county more unwanted litters and adding to the strain already on our shelter and local canine rescue groups. Dogs possess a powerful psychological need for family. They desperately require interaction and stimulation.

Trolleys do not provide adequate socialization for any dogs.

Just like dogs on fixed-point chains, dogs permanently on trolleys slowly deteriorate psychologically. It is a cruelty that no thinking person should find acceptable.

Evie Kettler

Troup County Citizen