As much discussion as there is on election integrity, it’s hard to believe we can’t find poll workers

Published 10:30 am Saturday, August 6, 2022

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On the front page of today’s newspaper, we wrote a story about poll workers being needed for the upcoming mid-term elections, as well as future elections.

It’s interesting to consider how polarizing politics are in general. There are very few people who have zero opinions on politics. Both Republicans and Democrats line up at the polls to cast their vote on Election Day, especially when it’s a major election. While there isn’t a presidential race this November, we’d say it’ll be a major one considering the implications nationwide.

Yet, when it comes to finding people who actually work the polls to ensure people can vote, it’s often hard to find anyone.

We understand that most of you reading this work, meaning on Election Day just finding the time to cast your ballot can be a challenge. However, there are certainly retired people, or people who have a flexible schedule, who could handle this work, make a little bit of extra money and take on this very important job.

As much discussion as there is on politics, and as much as people like to spout off their opinions on social media about the integrity of elections and what goes wrong, you’d think this would be a job where people would be jumping through hoops to sign up.

If you’re interested, we hope you’ll reach out to the Elections office for more information.