Humane society in desperate need of donations, volunteers

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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As the cost of living skyrockets, many local businesses are having trouble keeping up with rising costs of basic materials needed to properly operate. For the LaGrange Humane Society, the rising cost of basic pet needs has put local homeless animals in danger. 

“Donations are down, and we don’t have enough for all the vet bills and necessities that we need,” said Mandi Bono, executive director of the LaGrange-Troup County Humane Society. “We have some reserves that we are trying very hard not to dip into. At this point, the expenses are out-weighting the donations.”

All of the animal rescues across the country right now are struggling, she said.

According to Bono, all of the animals in Troup County come into the City of LaGrange animal shelter.

“They had over 300 animals at the start of July and took in over 200 during July,” Bono said. “It’s not just the Humane Society, all of your animal recuses. Everybody in this field needs help right now.”

According to Bono, with donations being low, the humane society has been holding fundraisers, including some social media campaigns to help raise money.

“Our big fundraiser, Fur Ball, is coming up this year on Oct. 16. Fur Ball is our big gala dinner that we do once a year its really our biggest fundraiser of the year,” Bono said.

In the hard times the Humane Society is currently facing, according to Bono, they are very grateful to their loyal and giving supporters. 

“We have a few followers, that are so faithful and we are so appreciative to them,” Bono said. “Every time we post a certain need we may have at the time, like paper towels, puppy pads, etc., they show up to support us so that we aren’t coming out of our personal pockets for them.”

Along with the donations to the humane society reaching an all-time low, there’s also been a lack of volunteers.

“Normally, we set up time slots for one hour increments all day long for volunteers to come up and work with the animals,” Bono said. “I would love to see a dog in that yard every time I walk outside. The only time they are able to get out of those kennels and get that socialization is with our volunteers.”

Historically, volunteers will host pet runs, help with feeding and basic care and help with fundraisers like their upcoming Fur Ball in October.

“Since we haven’t had as many volunteers, I have been doing some of the pet runs, that means closing the office in order to get the animal the proper treatment that it needs,” she said.

For those interested in donating, according to Bono, the humane society will always need blue Dawn dish soap and washing detergent.

“We (Animal Rescues) will always need those supplies, not just us but any animal welfare organization right now could really use help,” Bono said.