Rocksalt Milk Bar Coming to Hillside this Fall

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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Coming this fall to Hillside is Rocksalt Milk Bar. Originally founded by mother-son duo Cindy and Grayson Hendricks, Rocksalt Milk Bar is an ice cream shop that specializes in making one-of-a-kind flavors all made in-house.

According to the store website, after a successful career as an air traffic controller with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Hendricks teamed up with her son to build a business after he graduated college in 2019.

To find inspiration, the duo talked to close friends who owned an ice cream shop in Virginia. Then, they to traveled to the best ice cream stores in the country. Cindy and Grayson would travel everywhere from San Francisco to Washington DC to Cleveland and Florida.

“We started a little over three years ago in downtown Newnan. We make our own ice cream using grass fed dairy,” Cindy said. “Everything we put in our ice cream is made by us except for the brittle for the Brittle Assault.”

The shop makes classic ice cream flavors like vanilla, chocolate brownie, cookies n crème while also making more unique seasonal flavors like orange cardamom, blueberry earl grey, honey lavender, lemon lavender and now during the summertime blueberry lemon lavender.

Along with ice cream, the shop also sells baked goods like cookies and cakes all made in-house.

Their new location in Hillside will be their third location with the first being in Newnan and the second being in Peachtree City.

“We looked at coming to LaGrange before COVID hit. We were actually looking at a location right downtown,” Hendricks said. “The Oink Joint is also going to be coming to be next door to us in a LaGrange.”

According to Hendricks, she and the owner of The Oink Joint, Matt Crawford, talked about coming to LaGrange together. Currently, Crawford’s restaurant is across the street from Hendricks’ in Newnan.

“Matt actually got me looking downtown and then when we decided that was viable, Nate from DASH LaGrange got in touch with Matt, and it went from there,” Hendricks said. “He’s the one that really spearheaded the whole thing and got us coming to LaGrange.”

There will be no TVs in the business, according to Hendricks, because when customers are there she wants them to be present and enjoy their friends and family.

“If you were to go to one of our other stores, you would see local communities all together,” she said. “We know most of our customers, and they like to hang out, and they like to have a good time and talk, it’s a family location.”

Rocksalt Milk Bar will be joining Old Town Provisions and The Oink Joint at Hillside in late November.