OUR VIEW: With investigation over, WPPD can turn the page

Published 10:30 am Tuesday, August 30, 2022

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The last few weeks, the city of West Point has made statewide news, and not for the reasons any municipality would like to be talked about on the airwaves.

The investigation into a security camera video showing an officer throwing a camera across a yard took a couple of weeks, but it finally came to a conclusion last week. A press conference was held and all of the details were announced, including the names of two officers who have lost their jobs. Three others are back on the force.

The camera toss itself was newsworthy, but the story became statewide news due to the allegation that a racial slur was used in the video. The investigation determined the audio was inconclusive, and the officers on scene said they did not hear a slur used.

Unrelated to the incident, Police Chief Donald Britt has left the position, resigning to take a different job.

With Britt moving on and the investigation over, we think is a good time to turn the page.

This is a chance for our community to come together. One incident doesn’t define West Point, nor its police department.

And while public trust always takes a hit when an incident like this happens — fair or not — that’s just an opportunity for growth for the WPPD. Each year, events like National Night Out help bridge that gap between citizens and the police force.

In time, a new chief will be hired, and with no offense meant to Britt, we hope that person will live in the city limits and be a full-time member of this community. It’s tough leading while driving home to a different community each day.

We’re glad this investigation is in the rearview mirror.