OUR VIEW: Supporting our local restaurants

Published 10:30 am Friday, September 2, 2022

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For years, the biggest complaint we’ve heard in LaGrange is how few restaurant options we have. We’d argue that there are plenty of communities who would salivate over the eateries we have right in Troup County, but we certainly understand the complaint.

Ask citizens what they want to see open here — and we did — and you’ll get a lot of restaurant suggestions. If only Olive Garden knew how badly LaGrange residents apparently love their breadsticks. 

But the last month has brought plenty of restaurant news.

We’ve got Chipotle and Sonic opening by the mall. The Oink Joint, a Newnan-based barbecue restaurant, is opened in Hillside. So is Rock Salt Milk Bar, an ice cream shop. Trios just opened at the end of Bull Street.

And that’s just LaGrange.

West Point, while not seeing anything open in the last few months, arguably remains the best place in Troup County to be for lunch, just due to the local options available all within walking distance.

So, how do we ensure these restaurants are successful? How do make their openings lead to even more restaurant openings in the future?

As citizens, we think our job is to be supportive and understanding, especially as these restaurants get established in LaGrange. 

The truth is in today’s social media-driven world, if someone has bad service somewhere, they immediately have the ability to go online, complain and get that opinion out to others quickly. 

And yes, someone is going to have poor, or slow, service at a restaurant in LaGrange in the future, whether it’s these new restaurants or one that’s been around for a while. So, we’d ask that you fight that urge. Go to the restaurant directly, if you need, to address problems that arise during your visit. Give them opportunities to correct it. Go back again and see if it’s better. That’s the proper way to handle without hurting business due to one subpar visit.  We’re excited to have new restaurants opening in our community, and we know you are too. Let’s support them when they open this fall.