OUR VIEW: Volunteer youth coaches — thank you for everything

Published 11:30 am Tuesday, September 20, 2022

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Youth soccer, football, volleyball, softball — and much more — are about to kick off their season through the Troup County Parks and Recreation Department.

Those sports offerings allow hundreds of children in our community the chance to learn a sport, to get out of the house, away from phones and televisions and to get some exercise outside. They allow children to make new friends and to learn life lessons through being part of a team.

We thank everyone at the recreation department, from Lance Dennis to everyone who plays a role for the work they do.

But we especially want to thank volunteer coaches, who make these seasons possible. Unless these coaches (usually parents) step forward and decide to coach, there wouldn’t be teams. There wouldn’t be seasons. These opportunities wouldn’t be possible.

These coaches find time in their busy schedules to put together practice routines, to organize practices and to ensure our children have the best experience possible.

It’s a big responsibility.

There’s also plenty of pressure that comes from coaching, and yes, we think that includes youth sports (though it shouldn’t.) Parents want to see their kids playing, and coaches have to ensure every player gets an even opportunity to play.

It takes a special person to take on that title of coach. We’re thankful for everyone who puts on their coaching cap, whether they know the game well or are learning it for the first time. 

Thank you for your time commitment and your dedication to the team and young athletes around Troup County.