Mallory Agency celebrates 115 years in LaGrange

Published 9:30 am Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Mallory Agency is celebrating its 115th year in business this October. The generational family business is headquartered in LaGrange but has expanded to offices in Atlanta to serve clients locally, nationwide and beyond.

The company was founded in LaGrange in 1907 by Arthur E. Mallory. His great-grandson, Matt Mallory, currently serves as president of the agency. Their main office is still here in LaGrange, but the company continues to expand its reach beyond Troup County.

Today, Mallory Agency is one of the oldest privately-owned property and casualty insurance providers in the United States.

“We started off as Mallory Realty Company in 1906. We added insurance in 1907 and then, in the mid to late 90s, we broke away on our own and we’ve been privately held by the same family for 115 years,” Mallory Agency CEO Matt Mallory said.

The family business has been serving clients for four generations in LaGrange. Mallory assumed leadership of the firm in 2018 from his father, Rick Mallory.

Matt said that since they broke away from the realty side, the companies have been separate, other than being family. Both companies are still active in LaGrange.

“For generations, Mallory Agency has set out with the objective of helping our clients achieve more,” Mallory said. “As the fourth generation of Mallory leadership, I feel confident that this is just the beginning of our business growth, and I look forward to what the next years will bring as we continue to evolve and execute on behalf of our clients.”

Over the last century, Mallory Agency has grown its client roster throughout the United States and beyond by being flexible and adaptable in a changing world and insurance landscape.

“For years, we had all our team members work out of our office at 207 North Louis Street. That’s not the case anymore. We have several team members that are remote. That’s now a normal thing,” Mallory said.

“We communicate with clients a lot differently now. It used to be, either they would come to us or we would go to them and make a house call,” he said. “Now we use, like so many other people, Zoom video conferencing so often.”

Changing technology has helped Mallory Agency change the way they assist clients and expand well beyond LaGrange.

“Even now, how we serve a client [has changed], especially going from generation two to generation three. We very much only worked on a local level,” Mallory said. “Now it’s in generation four. My goodness, we’ve got clients all over the U.S. and now we just recently started winning clients in the U.K.”

The Mallory agency says its focus remains on using data and expertise to proactively serve clients and continuously update policies based on current marketplace insights as they continued to grow.

“‘Onward and upward’ and ‘no borders no boundaries’ are two of our mantras at Mallory Agency,” Mallory said.  “We fully embrace change and understand our world looks much different now than it did just three years ago, let alone 115 years ago. We focus on staying relevant, being nimble and always on and will continue to serve our clients at the highest standard of excellence as we go forward.”

Mallory Agency provides insurance, risk management, claims and proactive services to clients in LaGrange, throughout Georgia and the U.S., and around the world.

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