Callaway High gets a close look at LaGrange College

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, November 2, 2022

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On Tuesday approximately 120 seniors from Callaway High School traveled to LaGrange College for a day of tours and a precursor to the college experience.

“Today is a very exciting day. Our goal is to help our students have a plan for when they graduate some will go to work, some will go to college, and some have not decided what they’re going to do yet,” Principal Jason Graham. “As a graduate of LaGrange College, I know this is a great opportunity right here at home.”

Graham said he thought the trip was a great opportunity to showcase a local college to graduating students.

“I’m not aware of a trip like this ever taken place before, right here locally,” Graham said. “For some, this might be a good fit. Otherwise, without this trip, they would have never known it.”

Graham said working with the college to make this trip happen was wonderful.

The trip initially started with a conversation around having CHS seniors visit and having a senior class meeting at the college, Graham said. 

“They were very eager to talk and share what opportunities they have for our students,” Graham said.

Along with a guided tour of the campus, students got the chance to talk with faculty members and campus ambassadors about college life and expectations. 

“We’re close to the halfway point,” Graham said. “I think it helps our students think about their next step, it makes it more real. To take the entire senior class on a visit like this, I think is really powerful.”

Looking at the future, Graham said he would love to take the senior class to  LaGrange College every year.

“There may be some limitations on how many trips we could take with the entire senior class,” Graham said.

“It could be that the next time we do this, we visit another local college or school but this was a good first event for us to do this.”