Callaway Middle School’s Teacher of the Year works to create a love for reading and literature for students

Published 8:00 am Saturday, December 10, 2022

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For Callaway Middle School’s Teacher of the Year Keren Behrmann, the path to teaching came from the love of reading and literature.

CMS has co-teachers of the year, as Behrmann shares the title with Deitrice Koetter.

“When I was 18 years old, I got a job at the Boys and Girls Club as part of work study,” Behrmann said. “I enjoyed working with all the kids. By the time I left years later, I had experience working with older kids, and I really enjoyed that. Then, I thought, maybe I can do something with that and combine my two loves.”

Behrmann said she initially sought to out to pursue journalism before switching over to education.

“I went to LaGrange College in hopes of majoring in journalism, but as it turned out, they didn’t have a journalism program,” Behrmann said. “I had already started and wasn’t looking to transfer. So, I just stuck with it and was able to combine my love for literature, reading and working with kids to help them better understand English and become awesome citizens.”

As a sixth-grade English teacher, Behrmann said she loves being able to help kids find a love for reading and writing.

“I started as a paraprofessional at the elementary school before coming here,” Behrmann said. “I noticed that the kids were really excited about learning and once I got here, I noticed that the attitude about learning was just a tad bit different. So, I try to help them continue that love of reading, writing and learning overall, that I got to see when I was at the elementary level.”

In a career still young, Behrmann said the most fulfilling part of her job is the relationships she gets to make with her students and seeing the impact she has made on them academically and personally.

“Working at Callaway Middle School has helped me to be able to work with students and build positive relationships. It’s not always easy, but it’s beneficial to see them grow and learn,” Behrmann said. “As they grow, I’m able to grow with them.”

When Behrmann is not in the classroom, she enjoys reading, singing and spending time with her husband, Brett Behrmann and their soon-to-be child, a baby girl due in March 2023.

Behrmann said if she wasn’t a teacher, she would either be singing professionally or be an international journalist.

“In the past, I tried out for The Voice —I didn’t make it but it was a cool opportunity,” Behrmann said. “If I could make enough to live comfortably, I would sing or I would be a journalist. I love writing and interacting with people, which is another reason I love teaching.”