Master planning process underway at LaGrange College

Published 10:46 am Tuesday, January 10, 2023

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Creating a sustainable and accessible campus for current and future students is at the forefront of LaGrange College’s new master plan that began in November.

The planning process will last about four months, according to Sizemore Group President Lily Berrios, who is leading the project.  

“The intent is to do a strategic space plan that provides a road map for how to best use LaGrange College’s physical assets in support of its mission and students,” she said. ‘My group will identify major capital priorities and other improvements to be made through time. We will also reflect the impact of recent changes in leadership, new strategic plan and overall changes in higher education.” 

Sizemore Group, which has assisted in the renovations of Manget, the Callaway Academic Building, lower level of Pitts Dining Hall and the Candler and Hawkins residence halls, also worked on the college’s last master plan in 2000. A document detailing the new project’s scope of work states the previous plan “guided significant capital investments in renovations, new construction of residence halls, library and science building and strategic acquisitions.” 

One of the buildings the company will assess in the new master plan is Henry Hall. Built in 1970, the five-story facility was named for the late Dr. Waights G. Henry Jr., who served as president of the college from 1948-1978 and as chancellor from 1978 until his death in 1989. It has since become vacant due to its state of disrepair.  

“We are in the process of exploring various options for the space currently occupied by Henry Hall,” said Jerry Forster, Interim Vice President for Finance.  

Berrios said the firm will work on the project in sections.  

“We will use a four-step process that sets: A clarity of vision – by articulating planning goals; A rigor of analysis – by assessing existing condition and future needs of facilities and programs that support the college’s enrollment and mission; A plan – by testing potential re-use of existing, need for new and establishing priorities; and a rationale for implementation – priorities and sequence of next steps.”

She explained what the company plans to accomplish at the end of the process.  

“The physical environment (facilities and site) must respond to and support the college’s vision, student profile, and programs,” she said. “Our approach is based on “teaming” with LaGrange College as its people bring knowledge of their culture, mission, programs and facilities.”   

To help the institution continue to provide an exceptional academic and physical environment for its students, Callaway Foundation, Inc., is funding the college’s new master plan.  

“We are grateful to the Callaway Foundation for funding this important project,” said Rebecca Roth Nicks, Vice President for Advancement. 

“It’s an important step in our strategic plan. The master plan will guide us as we move forward with many other initiatives in the plan.”