BRADY COLUMN: On believing in tomorrow

Published 10:30 am Wednesday, January 11, 2023

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survey was once conducted in which two questions were asked. First, are you worried about anything? Second, if so, what? Nobody needs to tell us that about 95% of the answers to the first question were “yes.” To the second question, the majority of people mentioned money matters and the economy.

The next largest percentage of people said that their worries had to do with the future of this nation, the future of civilization, the future of humankind.

Now, if this same nationwide poll were conducted today I imagine the two greatest concerns would be the same. People are concerned about money issues — the economy, the fluctuating stock market, the high cost of living, inflation, high gas prices, jobs, etc. And people are also concerned about the nation, about civilization and about humankind.

A few years back Dr. David Jeremiah wrote a best-selling book entitled, “What in the world is Going On?”’ He wrote, “Never before in my lifetime have read such jarring headlines, distressing news analysis, and dire predictions for America and the world.” When you get right down to it there are a lot of pessimists in the world. A lot of people are so worried that they are bordering on cynicism and despair. They’ve just given up believing that there is any real future for humankind. But this ought never be said of you or me! This ought never be descriptive of a person of faith. I’m not suggesting that we refuse to look at the facts. Of course, we should be realistic. But a person of God is meant to be a center of hope and encouragement. How?

First, we can believe in tomorrow if we reckon the future with God! In the first volume of the “Chronicles of Narnia, which is “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” Lucy meets a majestic lion named Aslan. As you remember, Aslan represents Christ through the Chronicles. But in one of the later books, “Prince Caspian,” Lucy encounters Aslan again. She says, “Aslan you’re bigger.” “That is because you’re older,” says he. “Not because you are?” asks Lucy.

“I am not,” says Aslan. But every year you grow, you will find me bigger.” As we continue to reckon the future with, God, we will find him bigger and bigger and bigger.

Second, we can believe in tomorrow when we think of humankind’s potential! After all, we do that in everything else, don’t we? We are always thinking of the potential-of the student, the athlete, the market?  Despite all the unfortunate, God says, let me show you what can be done with this human stuff. You see, the perfection of my son, Jesus, alas is the truth about humankind’s potential. We were all meant to be sons and daughters of God. And when we count this potential, we can keep on believing in tomorrow.

Third, we can believe in tomorrow if we keep on working at it! Like you, I know plenty of people today who have no hope for the future of the church, America or civilization. They don’t believe in it and are watching on the sidelines just waiting for the doom that is sure to come.  On the other hand, I also know plenty of others who believe in tomorrow. They believe in tomorrow for the church, for the nation, and for civilization. The difference is that these latter folks are working at it.  Yes, we, too, can believe in tomorrow if we are willing to work at it.