GENDUSA COLUMN: The power that lies within us

Published 9:30 am Wednesday, January 11, 2023

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Power resides in us that I doubt we use as much as we should.  It is simple to implement, but we often only hesitate to do so until we need aid. Prayer is our power call to God, requiring no keypad, only our spiritual voices.

Faith put his teammates on their knees when the Buffalo Bills player, Damar Hamlin, fell on the field from cardiac arrest during a recent game. Collectively, they immediately knew their only hope was in the power of prayer. We quickly turn to the Almighty when we realize we cannot command our destiny.

Let me say that this girl is terrible at scheduling devotion. Many of my friends use a prayer list every morning, asking God to aid those on the list. I love them for doing so and envy their discipline.  So, I say to God, who is aware of my prayer inability, “I should pray more often and write down what I need to ask of you and remember to praise you more.”  Then I receive the message, “Lynn, if you talk to me anymore, I am going to put my earmuffs on!” For instance, now I am asking him if a sentence is correct or if I am sharing what he wants me to say.

I discover that I do communicate with the Lord all the time. I pray for others more often than I realize, but since I don’t have a list, I know I will regrettably forget a few. God is my constant companion, so I run my mouth in my soul most of the time.

However, like in all things, I understand I can do better.

A famous man, once a fine Christian, begged the Lord for his sister’s healing from cancer. He felt God let him down when she passed; therefore, he no longer believed. After I read the story years ago, I thought, “Now, that is not only tragic but wrong.” Did this man miss having his soul receive the strength of God’s arms encircling him through his grief? Did he not understand that paradise is what we seek, not where we live?

When I fall on my knees, I have learned to begin my prayer with, “If it is your will…..” Sometimes, even though God hears our pleas, he might have a different plan that we don’t understand.  That’s when our faith is tested, and often, we are discouraged or angry that we didn’t get our way. We should always question ourselves, “Do we have enough faith to endure unanswered prayers?”

No, we don’t live in paradise, but it is waiting. There will be a day we have no need to ask for someone to live, be free of disease, or be healed because all are cured upon arrival at eternity. Our prayers turn to praise and thankfulness for God’s grace.

I was home alone when I received the phone call that my daughter was ill with cancer, and I immediately ran to my good friend’s house next door.  I fell to my knees between my back door and the short distance to her walkway. I don’t recall what I said between the sobs, but I knew we would need all the strength God would grant us to get through such a trial. And he did get us through.

Some folks say, ‘Well, if it was meant to be, then it will be; I’ll just pray that I get well.” Or we ask God, “Will you and you alone heal my sadness?” I believe God will help us only if we attempt to help ourselves. He created the talents of physicians, teachers, counselors, ministers, and countless others to be who they are to assist us through our life’s journey. God’s purpose for us is to serve one another.

Damar Hamlin would not be alive today without the medical field staff to quickly restore his heartbeat. His teammates’ prayers were heard by a mighty God who placed those talented people on the sidelines to save a young man’s life.

When Damar regained consciousness, he wrote, “Did we win the game?” A powerful force enabled him to triumph over the game of life. Collective prayer from many people, a skillful medical team, and a merciful all-knowing God, saved Damar.

Prayer is our lifeline to understanding our purpose, finding peace, and helping each other. Communicating with God and trusting in his plans for us is his gift for all.

The power of prayer can move mountains and help us flourish in the game of life if we fall to our knees and simply ask.