Couple gets into hallway just before tornado strikes home

Published 8:02 pm Friday, January 13, 2023

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A local couple survived a tornado that passed through and destroyed their home by sheltering in a hallway as the storm passed over. 

Dan Shelton said he and his wife, Lillie, weren’t hurt by the tornado, but only through the grace of God. The tornado ripped through their Lexington Park home on Thursday.

Shelton said he and his wife were watching the news when the storm hit, and they retreated to a hallway for safety.

“We got in the hallway right out by the garage door. It wasn’t even a minute when we got in the hallway, we heard a big roar, like a train,” Shelton said.

Shelton said there was a rumbling through the house that didn’t last very long.

“We sat for a minute few moments and then we got up and opened the door to my bedroom. 

“There was no bedroom there,” Shelton said.

The top and the sides were all gone, he said.

Their garage was also damaged including a vehicle inside, along with the kitchen and trees behind the home.

“You can see daylight through the kitchen wall,” Shelton said.

“It was just my wife and I here. We got in the hallway like the man on the news said. Thank God nobody was injured,” he said.