After months-long wait, commission approves trucking business license

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, January 25, 2023

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The Troup County Board of Commissioners has approved a business license for a truck driver to operate out of his home after the decision was postponed twice.

A public hearing for home occupation application was held to consider whether to let Spence Jester operate a trucking company out of his home located at 132 East Mount Zion Church Rd.

As part of the license, Jester will only be allowed to carry out the telecommunications, planning and coordination for the business and not park his truck or the trailer at his home.

A decision on the permit was initially postponed during the Dec. 20 commission meeting when county staff discovered that Jester had parked his truck at home in violation of county ordinance.

Under county ordinance, tractor trucks over 11,000 pounds, like the 18,000-pound truck operated by the Jester, are not allowed to be parked at residences without full enclosure.

Community Development Director Troy Anderson advised that the applicant had previously agreed to store the truck at an off-site facility.

During the initial public hearing, the applicant admitted to leaving the truck at his home overnight but said he parked the trailer in a rented space in Newnan. Two weeks later the decision was again postponed when the commissioners directed staff to evaluate the county’s ordinance against parking trucks against other counties.

Troy Anderson told the commissioners that staff surveyed seven counties, Fayette, Harris, Meriwether, Heard, Carol, Muscogee and Fulton County, and none allow commercial vehicles to be parked on residential properties.

During the third public hearing, Jester said the problem came when he started his own business rather than driving for someone else. He said he has been driving trucks for 18 years and never had a problem parking at home.

Ultimately, the commissioners voted to approve the business license for Jester after he provided documentation that he had secured a separate to park his truck and he said he wouldn’t park at home anymore.

“We are voting for a home business license to conduct business. We are not approving for him to park his truck at home. If he violates what we have approved, that license can be revoked,” Commissioner Lewis Davis said clarifying the vote.

In other business, the Board of Commissioners:

Approved a beer and wine license for Sean Weiss at 692 Adams Rd.

Appointed Kay Durand to the LaGrange Troup County Hospital Authority.

Appointed Dr. William Whitlow, Dr. Amanda Greathouse and Benny Givens to the Animal Control Board for Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous Dog Control