OUR VIEW: 8-year-old gives up Christmas to help others

Published 11:30 am Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Our sister publication in Valley recently published a story about 8-year old Ashton Core, who decided to give up his Christmas to help those less fortunate. His giving attitude helped many in LaGrange. 

Last October, Ashton told his mother he didn’t want anything for Christmas. 

His parents, Stephanie and Ricky Core, were surprised by the news, but then they learned that Ashton had decided to collect supplies for those less fortunate instead of receiving presents for Christmas.

“God put it on my heart,” Ashton said.

How amazing is this? Not just that Ashton decided to help those less fortunate, but instead of begging for a new Xbox or tablet, Ashton was organizing donations so that he and his parents could provide presents for others. 

Throughout December, the family raised $182 and even more in supplies like deodorant, socks, blankets and snacks. They visited Valley, Lanett, LaGrange and Columbus with 63 bags of supplies. The family ended up helping at least 75 people.

Stephanie and Ricky weren’t surprised by Ashton’s request. They said he has always been a unique child. Stephanie remembered how her pastor once told her that God would do great things through Ashton. 

Ashton’s parents have always been an example to him for showing kindness to those less fortunate. When they realized Ashton was sincere, they supported him wholeheartedly. 

In a world where “flexing” what you have on social media is the norm, we need more children like Ashton. 

We also need more parents like Stephanie and Ricky, who have instilled the value of serving over being served.