Mother-daughter duo led parks and rec team to undefeated season

Published 9:15 am Wednesday, February 15, 2023

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Generational bonds can be formed through youth sports. Just ask mother-daughter duo Susie Honohan and Whitney Needham, who coached the undefeated Legends in the 7U indoor soccer league this year. 

“I coached my children when they were younger and when (Whitney) was a cheerleader,” Honohan said. “I’ve been working with parks and rec for a long time. We moved here in 2010 and got involved when (Whitney)’s kids did.”

Now, Whitney’s son — Chevy Needham — plays sports with the parks and rec department. He was a member of this Legends team alongside teammates — James Guidry, Layten Watts, Ryder East,  Liam Paul Prestridge, Tristan Kadiqi, Waylon Roberts, Iker Mateo Villatoro, MiKyan Zydarrion Mccants, Walker Roberts, Willaim Charles, Bruce Yaden and Madison Williams.

An undefeated season was not unexpected, but it was a special achievement for the team. 

“We loved it for the kids who worked so hard for it,” Whitney said.

“They loved it,” Honohan said. “They were so happy.”

The joys of this season were such that leaving the kids became that much more difficult. 

“Leaving the kids at the end of the season is so hard,” Whitney said. “We had a party for them at the end, and it was nice but saying goodbye was hard because I got attached to them.”

A strong bond between players and coaches is what helped the Legends go for an undefeated season. 

Both of the coaches described this group as one of the best they have ever had. Once players hit the 7U level in soccer, positions become more defined and goalkeepers are introduced. It was a step forward for some of these players who were not used to playing.
Whitney and Honohan are not going anywhere and plan to continue on with the parks and rec department. Whitney’s daughter does dance with the parks and rec department and her son plans to continue playing soccer.

While the indoor season of soccer just wrapped at the Mike Daniel Recreation Center, the spring season playing at the Whitesville Road soccer fields is about to be underway.