OUR VIEW: Will you do your part to support the animal shelter?

Published 10:30 am Friday, February 17, 2023

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During the last few months, a post went viral on social media in LaGrange, detailing the conditions at the LaGrange Animal Shelter.

We won’t revisit the allegations in the post — that’s not the point of what we’re trying to say — but it brought a lot of renewed attention on the shelter and the animals that are housed there. Throughout the year, thousands of dogs are at the shelter at one time or another. They need a loving home. They need someone to care for them.

A lot of them don’t come from the best conditions. Either their owner abandoned them or they were found in poor health. Some were rescued. It’s not as if they come into the shelter as fully healthy dogs. Often they don’t.

We’re currently in the process of playing a very small part in working with the shelter to try to get animals adopted. 

And the truth is, we really could use your help.

Right now, there’s been little momentum in this project, at least in the way of adoptions. We’ve seen plenty of shares on social media posts, we’ve had many people comment. It’s clear a lot of you want to help.

But ultimately, we need dogs and cats to get adopted. We want to shine a light on the animals at the shelter, who could use a good home.

We’ve got pictures on our website of adoptable dogs on our website at https://www.lagrangenews.com/contests/adopt-a-pet/. Dogs like Rocky, Peyton, Avery and Dakota could use a good home. Go adopt them. If you don’t need another furry friend, tell someone else about them. Tell anyone looking for an animal to start at the shelter.

And a special thank you to the Nexus Pain Center, Bates World, Matt Orr (State Farm) and Pro Wheels USA for sponsoring this. They want to play a part in helping the shelter. Will you?