LETTER: Supporting Edmondson for mayor

Published 9:30 am Saturday, February 18, 2023

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Dear Editor,

I write in support of Willie T. Edmondson for mayor of the city of LaGrange. Through his distinguished service on the city council, he has proven himself an energetic and respected leader whose vision for the betterment of the community includes all its citizens, whether they reside in District 1 or 2.

He has worked collegially and productively with his fellow councilmen. He has strongly supported our police department under the leadership of Chief Lou Dekmar in its efforts to make this city safer for all.

Growing up in a poor, working-class family he graduated from Troup High, put himself through WGTC to become a licensed practical nurse, and then worked full-time at West Georgia Health while attending mortuary school in Atlanta. With his later purchase of Lakes-Dunson-Robertson Funeral Home, he became a successful businessman in the city.  Even with all of this, he heard the call to become a pastor, a role he continues to fill along with all his other duties.

Rearing his four children in LaGrange, most of whom have stayed and work here, he now enjoys ten grandchildren. He now hopes to lead the improvement of the city in which they and all LaGrange children will grow up.

Through his diverse life experience, W.T. Edmondson has a broad perspective of this community in all its facets, its future opportunities as well as its historic and current challenges, that none of his predecessors have had, excellent leaders though they were. We are fortunate to have another good candidate for this position who could serve well — one whom Edmondson is quick to praise.  It is my belief, though, that at this juncture Edmondson brings the diverse experience, education, courage and work ethic to lead the city toward a brighter future.

Williie T. Edmondson is the right man at the right place at the right time. Please consider lending him your support and your vote.


Dan McAlexander
Retired president, LaGrange College