WHAT’S IN A NAME: Mike Daniel Recreation Center

Published 2:00 pm Saturday, February 25, 2023

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If you have kids involved in the parks and rec department, odds are the Mike Daniel Recreation Center is your home away from home. Appropriately named after one of the most influential parks and recreation directors in county history, the Mike Daniel center stands as a pillar of the community much in the same way its namesake did.

Mike C Daniel is a legendary figure in the parks and rec department. He served as parks and rec director for Troup County from 1972-1987. Daniel was at the forefront of turning the Troup County parks and rec department into a well-oiled mission.

“He was in charge of athletic programming and getting everything going the way it is today in Troup County,” said Lance Dennis, the current parks and rec director. “He was beloved by everybody in the community and statewide.”

GRPA (Georgia recreation and parks association) established the Mike Daniel award, which is given out every year to a professional that achieves the highest level of recreational programming in the state. 

Just like its namesake, the Mike Daniel Recreation Center continued to evolve over the years.

The center has had a facelift in recent years as the parks and rec department renovates the building every so often to keep it up to date. 

It is only fitting that some of the most influential decisions made by a parks and rec director were made by Mike Daniel and now all the important parks and rec decisions are made under the roof named in his honor.