OUR VIEW: Progress edition a large undertaking

Published 9:30 am Tuesday, February 28, 2023

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In Saturday’s edition, we published our annual Progress edition. Each year we come together on a theme for the special section and this year, this year we chose “What’s in a name?”

Throughout LaGrange and Troup County, many places have been named after people, some recognizable and others not as much. 

Progress is our most labor-intensive project, and we try to make the theme really interesting. This year, we learned about the origin of our cities and towns, and we certainly hope you took something away from it too. 

While we could not write on every named building, road or attraction in the county, the ones we did have the opportunity to write about reminded us of the great people there have laid the groundwork for the rest of us in Troup County.

A special thank you to everyone who played a role in getting this edition to print. That list includes the Troup County Archives, specifically Lewis Powell who helped with a lot of the information, Irisha Goodman from the Troup County School System, and everyone who gave our reporters a few minutes of their time so that we could write these stories. We also want to thank our advertising clients, who trust us with spreading their marketing message. Without their support, this Progress edition couldn’t happen.

Last but not least we thank our editorial staff, which had to take on the daunting task of locating people to talk with and gathering photos while also continuing to produce a daily newspaper. A different theme — one involving people who were still living — would’ve been much simpler, but simple isn’t always the best answer. Our job is to inform, and we hope you learned a thing or two in our Progress edition.