OUR VIEW: Daylight Savings Time all the time?

Published 9:30 am Wednesday, March 8, 2023

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Everything in our life is based around time. It determines on when we get up, when we go to work, when we pick up our kids, when we eat lunch, when we go to bed — literally everything. Nothing is more valuable, as our time on this world is limited and becomes whatever we make it, and none of us know how long our lifetimes will last. So, you could describe us as extremely interested every year around Daylight Savings Time when the debate reignites about whether or not we should keep DST year-round.  

The more we consider the advantages to Daylight Savings Time, the more we think a year-round time change makes a lot of sense.

We know that not everyone works an 8 to 5 shift, but a lot of people do and would benefit from more daylight hours. During the fall and winter, the early 5 p.m. nights can be depressing. Mix that in with cold weather, and you have a time of year where people don’t get a lot of exercise, end up spending a lot of time indoors and rarely experience sunshine.

If Daylight Savings Time was continued all year, those early nights would be pushed back one extra hour.  The time change has been proven to lead to more heart attacks, health problems in general and car wrecks as people adjust.

But what if we didn’t have to do that every year? What if Daylight Savings Time was the only time? 

What’s the downside? We understand it might make life more challenging for farmers, but they’d probably adjust to stick by the sun’s schedule, just as they do during the time of year where we are under Daylight Savings Time currently.

The pros seemingly outweigh the cons.

More sun? Check. More time to enjoy time outdoors after work? Check. Seems like a win-win.