Curbside pickup to be slightly cheaper than expected

Published 12:05 pm Thursday, April 20, 2023

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Editors note: A section of this article has been removed that indicated Martin Environmental Services would not be responsible for repairing compactors at the convenience centers. Both parties in the contract have acknowledged that Martin Environmental will be responsible for repairs and maintenance of the convenience centers.

After negotiations, the monthly rate for curbside trash pickup rate will be slightly less expensive than the original bid submitted by Martin Environmental Services (MES).

The sanitation company originally submitted a bid with a monthly rate of $31.50 for curbside trash pickup. MES President and CEO Brandon Hurst said that through negotiations with Troup County, they were able to reduce the rate to $29.90 per month.

The county will still own the convenience centers. The franchise contract will allow MES to be the exclusive residential sanitation provider in unincorporated Troup County starting July 1.

Troup residents outside of the city limits of LaGrange, Hogansville and West Point will need to contact their current curbside pickup provider for a refund if they have paid for service beyond June.

MES subscribers will also have the option to drop off a single 95-gallon canister of trash weekly for $29.90 per month rather than having curbside pickup. With either option, subscribers who pay for the service can drop off up to 5 cubic yards of bulky waste at no additional charge.

The monthly rate has a $10 fee for backdoor pickup without a doctor’s note and a $20 fee for an additional can.

For those who choose to not pay the monthly fee, trash can be dropped off at the Knot Road, Hillcrest, Lloyd Tatum and Work Camp convenience centers for $10 per 95-gallon cart or $9 per cubic yard for bulky items.

Hurst said they also have a discount on the service if you sign up for annual service. The rate will be $28.50 per month for those with annual service.

Hurst said a monthly payment option will eventually be available, but new customers will have to pay for the first quarter upfront.

“We will bill quarterly or annually. When you first sign up you’ll have to pay for three months upfront because we’re going to be delivering you the cart, and we’re not going to be charging you for that. After that, if you’re in a position where you need to pay monthly, as long as you pay in advance monthly, you will be able to do that,” Hurst said.

Martin is asking residents who want to sign up for curbside service to contact them to sign up.

“We’re asking people to go ahead and start signing up for service. Because it’s not a mandatory situation, it will be first come first serve. We will have cans on site within a matter of a week or two in LaGrange and then we will start delivering them. The initial rollout will be sometime in May,” Hurst said.

Hurst said they will start on the week of July 1, and they will communicate with customers about what day their trash is going to be picked up.

“It’ll be a little funky with the [July 1] holiday being on Tuesday, but we will communicate that when you sign up. You’ll get your can and get a packet of holidays and what your service days are going to be and where we want the can to be placed. Then, if you have an issue with that, we can always try to figure out the best place for both parties for the can,” Hurst said.

The last day to drop off household trash and bulky waste at the convenience centers without a fee —including at the locations that are closing— is June 30, according to County Manager Eric Mosley.

Hurst said they are currently looking for a location for their home office in Troup County and are planning to host three to four meet and greets to speak with residents about the upcoming change.

“Residents will be able to come in if they want to, and really just get an understanding if they don’t understand it or need a better understanding of how we’re going to serve the community,” Hurst said.