Devin Dowell signs to play basketball at Voorhees University

Published 8:45 am Wednesday, May 3, 2023

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Devin Dowell is making his way one state over as he heads to Voorhees University in South Carolina in the fall. The LaGrange senior is college bound and looking forward to the opportunity to take his talents to the next level.

“My parents sacrificed a lot for me to be here,” Dowel said. “They would take me to basketball camps, games, whatever. My parents always found a way.”

Dowell was a senior and leader for the LaGrange boys basketball this past season as they made a run to the sweet sixteen of the AAAA state playoffs. Dowell’s shooting and athleticism jumped off the charts but Vorhees University men’s basketball coach James Williams saw something more when he started recruiting Dowell to Voorhees.

“He’s got great character,” Williams said. “He has a 4.0 and holds himself to a high standard on and off the court.”

Despite an offseason coaching change for Voorhees, both Dowell and the university still felt like the right fit for each other. 

“I was always a part of the recruiting process and have wanted him at Voorhees,” Williams said. “I was the lead recruiter for him when I was an assistant coach.” 

Dwell’s high school basketball journey was anything from point A to point B. He first attended Callaway High, but he was always destined to be a Granger. Both his parents went to LaGrange High, and it always felt like a place that he would eventually call home. 

“I love LaGrange, I wish I would have come here earlier,” Dowell said. “My parents went here, a lot of my friends went here. It feels like home.

“I really want to thank my dad. He has been with me every step of my basketball journey.” 

One person who is extremely happy that Dowell made that transition to LaGrange High was head basketball coach Mark Veal. The two have built a strong bond over the last two years on and off the court together. 

“I first started to get to know Devin when he would come to our summer kid camps back in the day,” Veal said with a chuckle. “By the time he got here, he had developed his dad’s hops.”

Dowell has already suited up in blue and white for the final time and will make the transition to college life in the coming months.