OUR VIEW: Graduates, soak up this time while it’s here

Published 9:30 am Thursday, May 25, 2023

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This week, as graduations are held throughout our community, there’s going to be a lot of advice given to graduates. 

Parents will give advice. Principals. Guidance counselors. Even valedictorians and salutatorians usually give some sort of motivation — with advice sprinkled in — during their speech.

Some will say to go to college. Some will say you’ll do just fine without it.

Some will tell you to follow your heart. Some will say to follow your head.

Even as adults, trying to find someone to turn to for good advice can be difficult. Unfortunately, none of us can see the future, and we never know what tomorrow holds. We plan for the future, and we save money as best we can, hoping for a glorious retirement. 

But it’s hard to know what’s next.

So here’s our advice to graduates: Soak is up. Enjoy these moments because life will start moving really fast now, no matter what you do.

Afternoons at the baseball field will now just be normal afternoons.

There will probably never be another prom in your life.

Things might be great in your future, but they will never again be like they are today.

After graduation, you’ll probably never be around this entire group of people ever again. You might keep lifelong friends — we certainly hope you do — but life pulls people different directions quickly. 

Some of your classmates might join the military. Others might attend colleges states away. Others might get job opportunities that take them overseas.

There will never be another today. 

Soak it up. Take pictures. Enjoy every part of this time in your life.

There will be plenty of time for planning and for wondering what happens next. And if you blink, you’ll already be at that next stage, and you’ll still be planning ahead. 

Soak up this moment. Enjoy it while it’s here. Congratulations graduates.